A lot of times we view being a single man as this exciting sort of positioning that makes for this exhilarating sequence of experiences that are so enticing that no man would ever want to give that up.  Well, that may be the case for some men but I contend that this is not the rule for all.  As a matter of fact the one thing that all men can agree with from that statement is that being a single and a man in today’s climate definitely gives you some “experiences.”   Some good, some bad, some breathtaking and some so smelly that you wish you could wash them away from your memory with Clorox and Ammonia.  But all in all they are experiences.  And we should all hope to better ourselves from them.

Hopefully I can share some of those experiences through this site.  Some funny, others…not so much.  But all of them true and honest.   So check me out today..tomorrow…and the next day!  Ya’ll Come back now,  ya here!