Men can be very mysterious creatures to the opposite sex.  But when you find a man to be mysterious or hard to read it is most often not a reflection of who he is, rather than a purposeful act to not show a woman who he really is.  A man can at times keep a woman at arm’s length with vague responses, or infrequent communication or better yet lame excuses for his lack of attentiveness…………….”I have been really stressed out at work, I just need some space to get my thoughts together, I don’t know what I want but I know I care about you.”  These are all customary responses that a man will give a woman to keep her at bay… balance if you will…….teetering at a point of uncertainty on the issue of whether or not the gentleman is truly committed to a woman.   And where does this lead?  It leads to a woman continually hanging on to a situation that is not giving any sort of real fulfillment.  It is like dangling a carrot in front of a mule that is carrying the weight of the world on its back while chasing the carrot on the end of a string. And every time the mule gets restless or tired of chasing the carrot, the task master shortens the string ever so slightly to make the mule think that the carrot is attainable.  How long do you make excuses for being unfulfilled in a relationship with someone because of there lack of commitment on all levels?  A woman should not mistake a man coming over for dinner and a nightcap 4 times a week as him being devoted.  A woman should not misinterpret a gentleman’s backhanded compliments such as,” You are so special to me that I don’t want to lose you,” all the while never committing to you.  The kindness in women as well as their willingness to see something positive in a situation can sometimes be taken advantage of.  Women just need to know how to say that maybe all of your apprehension, anxiety, stress and conflicting feelings are not something that I should have to deal with.  I hate to see my lady friends spending so much time trying to figure out whether a guy is being sincere or whether or not he is really caught in a too tough of a situation to make a stressful decision.  Just come to the understanding that whether or not these things are true or not, they just don’t coincide with what you want.  If your boyfriend is trying to say that his job is stressing him to the point that he has no time to be committed to you, don’t stay with him at your own expense!  Just respectfully tell him that you understand and move on with your life.  If he is too busy trying to start his own business or taking care of his ailing mother or saving the world from a catastrophic disaster……Whatever!  It just is not meeting your needs and you should roll out.  Now I am sure that many women will ask questions like, “What if he truly loves me, or what sort of person would I be if I did not support him through his tough times?”  I will answer this question simply by saying this.   You will be the same sort of woman you have always been.  Unfulfilled, frustrated and ultimately dissatisfied with your relationship. 

 Look at a prime example of a classically, unfulfilling relationship, involving the most popularly uncommitted couple in the world.  Superman and Lois Lane!  Superman was a sincerely genuine man.  Good heart, outstanding character and undying love for Lois Lane.  However, he had a very legitimate reason for not committing to his beautiful heroine. He had merely her best interest at heart.  Never could the protector of the free world endanger the woman he loved by committing to her and having her become the target of all of his arch enemies.  That being said, Superman was still available to Lois for casual encounters that centered on some level of mutual convenience.  Ultimately this did nothing but make Lois’ feelings stay intense and hot as she pined continuously over the man that she loved.  Never daring to seriously engage in a romance with another.  Always dreaming of her hero.  This devotion, while admirable, leaves a woman discontent and ultimately unhappy.  Is superman some sort of sneaky or insincere dog who strung along a devoted woman?  No…………but he is indeed just not able to give Lois the type of time and commitment that is needed to make her happy.  The sooner a woman can figure out that you can have a mutual love for someone who is not good for you, then the sooner she can wrap her mind around the concept of moving on.