Any half way bright gentleman can be honest with himself and acknowledge that there is a serious double-standard in this world with the way we treat women vs men.  Especially with the way we characterize them.  Women are expected to be virtuous while men are held to no where near the same standard.  I know plenty of guys that give no thought to how anyone will look at them if they take a girl home from a nightclub and spin her around while hanging from a chandelier.  As a matter of fact, a lot of times guys will go out with that being their sole ambition.  And standards seem to get lower and lower with who they prey on as the night wears on.  You know the exact guy that I am talking about.  The guy that aims high when he walks into a spot with his fresh new ensemble and thinks he can conquer the highest mountains.  He’s talking to the most gorgeous women he sees and legitimately thinks, in his mind, that she is gonna be all over him.  But then by the end of the night his Mt Everest of confidence and über high standards have fallen down to comparatively ant hill proportions.  So, ladies if you have ever been that woman who has had a rough night with the guys and all of the sudden you are bombarded with a rush of offers to buy you a drink just before last call then, you may be………………..well.  (I don’t think I need to say any more about that).  But the point is that women are never as comfortable doing that sort of thing.  It’s against our nature in a some respects but it is even more so against our level of social acceptance.  Women sleep around and they are called whores.  Men sleep around and they are called….well..MEN!  It’s almost as though it is the accepted norm to think that it is OK for one and not the other.  So much so that a lot of men do not think of themselves as loose, because they have never judged themselves against the same standard that they place on women.  And, to be honest with you this just frankly isn’t fair.  Now I do not subscribe to the theory that , “men are going to be men” and “guys can’t control themselves” blah, blah, blah….  I think that the worst thing that women have ever done is  totally buy into that theory.  It only empowers guys to live out the expectations that are placed on them.  If you lower your expectations for someone they are gonna do just enough to hop over that bar and guys have managed to masterfully lower the bar for themselves while keeping that same bar at Olympic world record heights for women.

But in the modern age of progressive women there is a strong push to break down the double-standards of men who place expectations on women.  Women succeed as well as men.  They produce as well as men.  They are just as educated and enlightened as men.  So damnit!….Let’s see the women party hard and get loose like men!!!  SCREEEECH!  Oh God no…..  All the way back to Betty White on the Mary Tyler Moore Show to the Hot granny Mona on Who’s the Boss, and even with Blanche Devereaux on Golden Girls,  society has flirted around with the idea of a woman being very comfortable with her sexuality and sexual choices.  But by and large these sort of characters were only used as punch lines and as a result were not taken completely seriously.  But in 1998 Samantha from Sex and The City just took women’s sexual comfort to a whole other level.  And I say women’s sexual comfort because she was not doing anything that a lot of guys were not doing so we cannot say that the actions themselves are overwhelmingly unique.    It’s just the idea of a woman being that bold with something that is seen as so taboo that pushes a lot of men and even some women over the edge.

Women are fighting every old double-standard that has been levied against them through history.  They are pushing the envelope in the workplace arena.  They are striving to break down the gender roles that have been present in households for generations.  And all that is great but……………………..Damnit!……………  Can we just please, Please, PLEASE hold on to this one incy wincy double-standard?!  Please ladies, I am begging you?  Don’t turn into the unconscionable man-whores that guys have degraded themselves to being.  PLEASE…  I mean seriously I’m begging.  If need be I will do anything to keep this from happening.  I will join every woman’s right group that will let me in.  I will march down Pennsylvania Ave with a pink short set to support Breast Cancer treatment.  I’ll picket companies that don’t offer equal pay for equal work!  I will even slap a construction worker for whistling and talking recklessly to women who walk by on their lunch break.  PLEASE!  I’ll do anything!  Ohh!  and I have an even better idea.  How about all the women just start calling out the men for their less than respectable habits and refuse to date them the way they refuse to be serious with the women who they label!  I mean….c’mon man.  Don’t make me beg anymore!  I will literally do whatever you say.  Because seriously………I don’t think I can marry Samantha.