OK……I am far from a Greek Adonis.  I don’t have abs like “The Situation” or shoulders like Dwight Howard.  I definitely don’t belong on the cover of Men’s Fitness and I certainly don’t own a Bowflex.  But I still consider myself to be somewhat fit.  I try to workout when I can and I try to monitor my food portions when I can’t.  I can fill out a suit without having to worry about my jacket not buttoning.  I don’t have to go to specialty shops because I can’t find a dress shirt big enough to fit my neck or belly region.  I don’t have to hold my breath when I wear a slim t-shirt and I am proud to say that I do not have legs like a tooth pick.  But most importantly , the two things I don’t have are unrealistic body requirements for women and ,what I hate to see guys with more that I hate to see girls with hairy feet,……..MAN BOOBS!  Dude…hit the gym.

I don’t care if you use to be really big and lost a lot of weight.  Dude…hit the gym.  I don’t want to hear about how you had a bad injury a couple years ago and stopped running as a result.  Dude…hit the gym.  I don’t care about how hectic your new job is.  Dude…hit the gym.  Please stop telling me about how you use to be really slim but your metabolism slowed down.  Dude…hit the gym.  If your pecs are big enough to support a training bra….Dude…hit the gym.  I have certainly heard of gender bending but if you are looking fully equipped to breastfeed a new born, Dude…hit the gym.  If you are under 50 and you are spending extra time driving around the parking lot looking for the closest possible space……Dude…hit the gym.

Now I understand that everyone has different body types and that no matter how much you work out we are all going to have a few bad attributes.  That’s cool.  No matter how many push ups I do my chest will never look as buff as The Rock.  And I am accepting of that.  But I think that I do one thing that is really key.  I don’t expect anything in a woman that I do not try to bring to the table myself.  So If I get a pot belly, then I am not going to expect my girlfriend to be a some sort of fitness model with a backsode like J-lo.   And that goes the same with everything else as well.  How is a girl 5’2″ gonna tell me that she only dates guys that are at least 6 feet!  How ridiculous is that?!  Single people have to to be some of the most unrealistic assholes walking the streets.  (I guess that’s why they are single)

So I guess my point is that we should all try to be somewhat realistic in what we expect in other people to look like.  And we can take it a step further as we scrutinize what people act like and think like and feel like.  Look at yourself before you lay out expectations.  And I guess that MAN BOOBS are not the absolute worst thing in the world………………………………….but seriously…Dude…hit the gym.