Thoughts I wanted to share after a long holiday weekend!

Why do married people talk for a whole hour about how stressful marriage is and how much work you have to put into make it work and then turn right around and ask you when you are gonna get married?  WTH?!  I mean seriously.  I don’t EVER hear you going on and on about how happy he/she makes you and how they are the  “air that you breath”.  But I damn sure heard you call her “the ball and chain”.  Or called him “that bastard that sleeps here at night”.  Why would I want to embark on relationship that changes for the worst once you jump the broom?  Between having to always talk about stuff you don’t want to talk about, make scheduled appointments to be intimate, dealing with someones moody attitudes, having to watch a grown person play video games all day or having to get along with someone else’s whiney friends for the sake of keeping the peace is not the model of bliss that single people aspire to.  And what the hell kind of friend are you to invite me into your personal torment?!  It’s almost like you want me to literally feel your pain!  (that being said I know I will one day get married and probably try to bring all my single friends a long for the ride)

Since mixtapes are free now is there any real reason for me to ever buy a real CD again?  I’m just saying….like most guys of my generation I have grown up on rap music but the older I get the less cool it is to me to talk about “pimpin hoes and slammin Cadillac do’s”.  I haven’t called a girl a bitch since I was 13 and she almost gave me a crucial beat down for that back then so I think my social conscience won’t let me partake in the tom foolery with quite the same vigor.  If I cannot completely ween myself off of the foolishness then I can at least not pay for it anymore.  BTW….note to rappers:  Not so great of a sales pitch to show off your jewelry, cars and life of over indulgent opulence and then implore people to actually buy your music and not bootleg it because you need the support.  Somehow the message doesn’t resonate.

As much as I like Rosa Mexicana, Alero is better on my pockets.  Happy Hour here I come!  (I once took a woman to Rosa Mexicana’s and in the first 15 minutes realized I didn’t like her.  I cried a little on the inside when I got the bill….)

Older people ask me when I am getting married.  Younger folks ask me when I am going to have kids.  WTH?!!  Has our generation strayed away from family structure so much that we think of marriage as an after thought?  My boy Hill Hodge says that people in our generation don’t do the A, B , C , D thing any more.  A.  Date B. Get MArried C. Move in together D. Have kids.  We just totally changed the damn alphabet so now we are going A. Date D. Have Kids C. Move in together B. talk about getting married.  And it is just so common place that someone might even think of me as an asshole for even questioning whether there is something wrong with it.  Well how bout this!  There is something out-of-order about it.  I have dealt with enough kids and their parents to know that it ain’t cool having to split time between mom and dad and all of the issues that go along with that.  I have felt down right bad for kids when I would have them in parent/teacher conferences and the parents would get into with each other.  Or the kid would lash out at the parent who was not in the home.  Or even seeing a kid breakdown as they would feel like they had too many pressures placed on them by hearing chastising lessons repeated by both parents since they were not saying them together.  I know things happen on occasion and you make the best of a situation but at some point people have to say that either I am gonna start my family under the best possible situation or just don’t even do it!  How can you be motivated to be the best at your job or the most dazzling with your attire or the flashiest with your ride but be mediocre in how you plan your family?  Grow up.  And stop hiding behind the mantra that “kids are a blessing and I would never regret having them!”  Yes…kids are a blessing.  But why don’ t you just try to bless them by having them under the best circumstances.  (Church!)

I wish I had a taser for all the little bad ass kids that ride the metro.  And not a small one.  I’m talking high voltage!

I feel some kind of way about grown people who look at me like I’m speaking French when I talk about the middle-east conflict or the genocide in Darfur.  Or how about knowing who your local politicians are?  I don’t think it makes me a snob because I read the paper or watch the news………… I don’t even know how I feel about you and the fact that you don’t.

Am I the only one who has parents who try to guilt them into getting married so they can have grand-kids?  I can’t be!  Do they really want to shame me into marriage?  No wonder the divorce rate is high.  But no worries…because if I am lucky enough to spit some out, guess who they will be staying with every weekend?  You get what you ask for.