I am a big music lover and for many people of today, Drake is the new flavorful character of the month.  And I have to admit that the young cat has won me over after a lukewarm introduction.  He is very talented, which doesn’t seem to be the norm that you expect in today’s music world.   And he’s bringing a dynamic to the music that has not been seen for many years.  He is artfully talking about relationship issues that are more about true affection as oppose to the quick, sexual gratification that most other music is talking about now.  And I shamefully like that stuff too, but the newness of talking about more genuine emotions is in my opinion is “what’s hot” right now.  So when I see the status messages on Facebook and Twitter with the lyrical musings of  internet stars who ask “Does the spotlight Make you Nervous”, I can’t help but to be intrigued by the question.

I think that all people, in some way, seek a certain degree of approval from the world around them.  We work hard in school and in work, not entirely, but in some small degree because we like the level of acclaim, respect or praise that it brings us.  Success is something that’s great to have but it’s even better when you have something to show for it.  Some measurable reward.  Some sort of praise.  And in today’s society success comes with spotlight.  And that’s cool.  It’s what is due to people who are exceptional.  But the idea that your hard work is entirely motivated by the spotlight is what I am afraid of.

I don’t ever want to find myself having to compete with the attention that is placed on my lady by others and how much she likes that.  I mean to say a comparison between the attention that I give her and the attention that others give her.  I want her to shine like the stars in the sky but I don’t want her to be consumed by a desire to always be in the light.  It says to me that attention is oh so important to her that her happiness is affected without it.  And it has been my experience that people who crave attention are people who have come to rely on it as a measure of their worth and the basis for their esteem.  I want to know that even when the light stops shining that you will be happy and ok.  It can be great to stand next to someone and watch them smile as they bask in the glory of the bright lights of adoration that shines upon them.  But it can be equally as disheartening to stand next to that same person and watch them sulk and pout when that same praise is not coming their way.

I certainly would never want someone to hold back their drive or stifle their desire for success to appease my nervous feelings.  It’s just a point of concern for me when the accomplishment is not as important as the “Bruce Leroy Glow” that comes with it afterwards.  The fact that meeting that weight loss goal, or finishing that PhD., or raising that future Pres. is not as important as the pat on the back that you will get after doing it is scary.  And sincerely, in circumstances like that, it can to a degree be perceived as selfishness or self-centered thinking but my fear goes deeper than that.  It goes to my feeling that I cannot always feed your soul with enough praise to satisfy you.  And in my experience when people are addicted to praise then they will take the praise no matter where it comes from……or even who it comes from.  I think that’s what Drake’s desired fiance’ is nervous about.  She is worried that his obsession with praise, adulation and glory will be more than what she can feed him alone.  That the millions of people who buy his records and come to his shows will be more important to him than her simply saying, “Drake, I am so proud of you.”  That the obsessed women who are attracted to his fame, notoriety, and captivating talent will be able to fill him with enough praise to pull him away from her.  And create a hubris that makes men ignore what is most important.

So for the record, I understand and empathize with the feelings of his “wedding planner” paramour.  And he doesn’t get any sympathy from me in this song for losing her.  Sometimes the way that we live in this world is not conducive to a happy relationship.  The late John Wooden once said, “Talent is God-given.  Be Humble.  Fame is man-given.  Be grateful.  Conceit is self-given.  Be careful.”