People love to feel loved.  They love to know that you would go that extra mile for them and only them.  They love to see you express your feelings and they love to see you panic at the thought of losing them.  But these same people don’t seem to understand what a strain that puts on the person who you are seeking this sort of attention from.  The whole “break up to make up” drama is fun and exciting up until you are about 23.  But the closer you get to 30 and beyond, that whole game becomes stressful and bothersome.  I call it playing catch.  You manufacture some overblown sort of scenario and make it seem like you are just sooooooooooo upset, hurt or enraged to get someone to chase after you to appease you as a sign of how much you are loved and valued.  Knock it off! You are a grown.. ass…. man!  Stop pouting like a little kid when your lady forgets that you said you wanted chicken for dinner instead of pork chops.  She cooked for your grown ass, didn’t she?!  The fact that you aren’t really mad, but you are feigning your anger as a ploy to entice your woman into some attention is, in the words of Riley from the Boondocks, “A real bitch move.”  No grown woman wants to deal with that from her man.  If you are so tired of pork chops then cook your own damn chicken!  But don’t manufacture some sort of insincere emotions because you want to play the “come follow me into the other room and rub m back and tell me how sorry you are” game.

And ladies……I didn’t forget you.  If your boyfriend forgot to return your movie back to Blockbuster on the way to work, don’t go puffing out your cheeks and slamming doors like you are that upset.  Stop playing catch, and expecting him to stand outside of the locked bathroom door for 15 minutes telling you how sorry he is and begging for your forgiveness.  This is the sort of stupid ass behavior that finds a lot of women by themselves.  No one wants to put up with that much coddling.

There has to be easier ways to get to the make-up sex than all of this stress and drama.  Because if I have to put up with all of this making up to make you happy, how about we do some stuff that is really worth getting pissed off about.  How about hanging your stank ass panties  from the shower rod for all of my boys to see when they come over and use the guest bathroom.  Now that is something that is worth getting pissed off about.  Or how about I eat up all your snacks that you had nicely put together in the fridge that I mistook for football treats when you and the crew come home for your book club meeting to find an empty box with ice in it.  Now these are things to get pissed off about.  Or maybe I could just tell you how you really look in those jeans.  Or maybe you can tell me that, “No it’s actually not that common and it doesn’t happen to every guy”.  See people…this is the stuff of real conflict.  And that type of stuff happens enough in relationships so that we don’t need the fake beefs that we have to play catch with each other over.

Find a better way to tell people that you need some attention from them.  We are not 15 any more people.  And the older you get the more the stress will break you down.  Why not just get to the lovin’ since that’s what most of you drama lovers are aiming for anyway!