We are indeed a superficial and shallow society of people. We are constantly fed these images of beauty that we are told are greater than others and we unconsciously store this sort of thought process in our minds and it comes out like water over Niagara falls when we encounter attractive people. We cater to them, submit to their whims, stretch ourselves to make them happy, etc….and this sort of behavior does not just come from men seeking an opportunity to bed a beauty. The greater influence is started at home by father’s, grandfathers, uncles and brothers who allow themselves to be wrapped around the delicate fingers of their own little princess.

Whoever said beauty hides flaws damn sure wasn’t lying! Our society makes concessions for the gifted or extraordinary.  Athletes, scholars, musicians,……..Jessica Simpson. (oops! Did I just write that?) You all know damn well that if she was not stunningly beautiful that the cute, ditsy routine would be thrown out the window.  She would be expected to get a grip and come to her senses because no one caters to an unattractive dummy!  Now this is a truth that we all know and understand but the real understanding comes when we look at how such figures are created. Of course Jessica went to school.  Of course she studied her lessons.  Of course she paid attention in Church.  Then how did she become the girl who does not understand what Buffalo Wings are? This girl is a victim of the Pampered Princess treatment.  You know what I mean….. a girl who cannot drive or follow directions because she has always been carted around.  A woman who repeatedly buys new clothes every few weeks because she destroys her own things when she shrinks them in the wash.  Or how about the woman who cannot even boil water without making a mess. Realistically women in these sorts of situations are not to blame.  The blame really falls on the people who have warped their mind all there lives and conditioned them to be somewhat hapless because they have always had things done for them.  Part of teaching your children to be well-grounded people is done by letting them face a little superficial disappointment every now and then.  I certainly don’t mean depriving your daughter of going to her prom but not jumping like an estate butler every time that she wants to go to the shopping mall.

I once dated a woman who was a classic example of the pampered princess syndrome.  She was 21 before she ever got her license.  This was because she was always having her father drive her around and drop her off wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted.  Consequently she never wanted to drive, even when she had her license because the strain of following directions and having to pay attention to details was too much work.  She also looked at work as something that she should be rewarded for and not something that she needed to do to survive.  For example, she was the type of woman who believed that all of her earnings were simply her own personal play money and not something that she should have to put towards any sort of bills or responsibilities.  Thusly she was 27, at home, with no plans of moving out.   She was accustomed to whining to get her way and unaccustomed to not being the center of attention at all times.   She was the most beautiful girl with the most shot sense of self-esteem because she was so used to people constantly fawning over her and flattering her.  And to be honest, she damn sure wasn’t getting that sort of constant supplement from me.  It is not that I did not find her attractive and pleasant.  It was just that I did not have the time, energy or inclination to constantly stroke her ego.  Her confidence was not truly based on how she felt about herself but more so that constant reassurance of others.  So as a result…..What happens when you date a man who wants to be your companion and not your daily sycophant/adoring adulator?  DEE-ZAS-STER!  A failed relationship which leaves a woman looking at a man like he is unworthy of her time and a man leaving a woman with the impression that she is a complete Nut-Job!

I am absolutely sure that you have some men in the world who have no problem dealing with the pampered princess. You know the type of guy that likes to give a woman guidance and be her rock and stability in that fatherly sort of way.  The type of guy that like’s to feel like he is the Undisputed head of the household.  And that is fine.  However, remember that such a gentleman does not come with his own Samsonite , weatherproof, durable baggage set.  These type of guys are either going to be one of the two:

1. He can be the sort of guy who really needs to be in control.  You know the type.  Needs to know your every move.  Wants you to be at his beck and call.

2. The second guy is the one who adopts the pampered princess and all of her needs because he is just happy to be with her and he is willing to submit himself to anything to be in her company. ( excuse me while I clear the vomit from my throat) This is a genuinely nice guy but he is doomed to suffer one of two terrible fates.  Either he will one day wake up and realize that he is tired of trying to put on a dog and pony show to stay in someone’s good graces or he will get the treatment that many nice guys get from women.  She will push him off into left field someplace and find a guy that is more stimulating to her.  So either way, this guy is pretty much screwed……..And so is the Pampered Princess for that matter.