When I was in college my freshman year at Hampton University I was surrounded by the most beautiful array of women that I had ever seen.  At that time coming from Los Angeles I had seen a lot of beautiful women.  A LOT!  But never that many in one concentrated area.  I was so in awe of the presence of these beautiful women that my friends and I did what any guys would do……..We totally devalued the group as a whole and turned into assholes and rated them!  Duhhh!!!

But seriously I loved all those women but we couldn’t help ourselves but rank our top 5.  And not just a school Top 5.  Hampton had waayyy to many girls to do that.  We rated them by classification, major, city, region, dormitory etc….  There were just too many to leave out!  My friends and I had a lot of fun passing the time back when we were lowly freshman stuck in the dorms with no cars.  And it gave me a chance to see what characteristics other guys found amazing about women.  So today I am going to share with you my Top 5 beauties of the month!  (I swear this list changes by the week) Now contrary to popular belief I am not going to go make a list of your most popular half-naked video vixens….no matter how hot I think they are.  Just kidding!  (Not really).  I like to fancy myself as a man of much greater substance.  (Although Melyssa Ford will always have a place in my heart)

In no Particular order

Tamron Hall

Now even though I said in no particular order this woman has to be somewhere near the top of  every man’s list.  She is obviously very beautiful, but she is also an accomplished news anchor for MSNBC.  For me it is really about her presence and her voice in the morning news.  The way she defended her opinion against this prick named Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe made me really appreciate her beyond her beauty.  Plus there is a video of her on YouTube doing the Percolator with a bunch of kids in Chicago.  Sexy!  By the way the fact that she is from Chicago is a plus.  Chicago girls always seem to have a certain sassiness that I like.

Nia Long

Nia Long is like the rock solid foundation of this list.  She has consistently been ranked at the top of almost every man’s list since 1991 When she burst onto the scene as the character Brandi n Boyz in the Hood.  Even though her star power on screeen never took off the way a lot of people thought that it should, she has remained one of the most beautiful faces in the minds of everyone who grew up in the 90’s.  Two of the main things that I have always appreciated about her is that her spunky aura shines through in all her roles and her unwillingness to chase Hollywood at the expense of disturbing her family life speaks to her character in my book.

Jill Marie Jones

For this current list I have tried to not fill it with actresses and starlets but Jill Marie Jones just cannot be denied in my book.  I used to hate her character on the show Girlfriends.  The very selfish and self-centered Toni Childs.  But even though I hated the character I couldn’t bring myself to hate the beauty.  Like a lot of black actresses in Hollywood she is thoroughly under appreciated.  But in the Jackson Bracey’s Fantasy Land she is a marquee headliner everyday of the week.  She can cool my soup with those lips any day of the week!

Jessica White

Now this is the first woman on the list who I strictly put on here entirely because of her beauty.  This swimsuit model’s claim to fame is being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which is a big deal in the modeling world.  I really cannot say that I know a lot about her or what she is into.  But……….look at her.  I can’t really say anything more than that.  (I’m quietly ashamed of myself for being so shallow………….please don’t judge me……….  Whatever!  She’s a stone cold piece of work and don’t give a damn what y’all think!)

Kamala Harris

Now this next lady is a little old for me and I don’t have any real experience with Cougars.  But if I ever had a Cougar opportunity I would like for it to be with her! Kamala Harris is on her way to being the next Attorney General in the state of California.  I am pretty into politics and her policies on the death penalty and educational reform are right in line with my personal views.  She is super confident and in command without being overbearing which is the label that a lot of media look to put upon women in politics.  She has been able to walk the fine line that has more people comparing her to Barack Obama than Hilary Clinton.  Which may not seem like a big deal but it really is considering that she is a woman making leaps and bounds in the boys club of politics.

On top of that she is very beautiful and well put together.  She exudes a very kind spirit in her interviews backed up by an intellect that brings your mind back to her platform and away from her pretty smile.


So there is my top 5 for 8/10.  I am sure this list will change but I think this one is going to be pretty hard to top.  Substance, Beauty, Grace, Professionalism, Character…..pretty Reasonable list if I do say so myself!