I am a pretty big fan of The Young Turks. They run a very interesting online news show that gives a very good commentary on various subjects. Some being very good, adult, I’m a mature person who pays attention to current events information, and then a good mix of tabloid foolishness and culture controversy to keep me interested. And a lot of times they give me more so topics for conversation with friends, than they do ideological perspectives to incorporate into my life. I use to think that I was a liberal-minded person until I listened to these people talk! Sometimes I listen to them talk so matter of factly about issues as if there is no gray area to talk about. Things like the no-sagging dress code at North Carolina Central University or 5-year-old Princess Boy who wants to wear dresses to school. Some of this stuff is very difficult to navigate. But the allow their sense of liberalism to reign supreme in just about all circumstances without a second thought. But this latest conversation has really struck a chord with me.

Listening to them discuss some results from a recent survey on the worth of marriage has really got me feeling like too many people are having someone elses sense of liberalism pushed on them. Namely, I am referring to minority people. As a black man I know and understand that the world does not spin on the same axis that it does for my white friends. And I know that while I demand respect and equality from and for all people, I cannot get caught up into their value system because what works for them may not work in my community or other communities. Poverty, lack of educational and professional success and shorter life expectancy rates are all linked to single  parent households in minority communities. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that people who have the financial boost and the social balance of having 2 parents in a home have a certain advantage. Especially in minority homes where families deal with some level of inequality.

They speak at length about the data that is collected with the study and that it is the shared opinion of quite a few conservatives and liberals that marriage is obsolete. (TYT is a very left-wing program. All my Republican friends be aware.) But my question is, what do you expect people who have not gotten married to say? For all of the strong, independent and single mothers who are raising children in non-traditional situations…..do you really expect them to say….Man this sucks! I wish I had a partner here to help me raise this bad ass little boy! Of course not.  Because in many ways we have normalized the single parent household.  And in no way am I saying that we should tr-boot some 1960’s campaign of condemnation.  I know a lot of people who have grown up in single parent homes and they have matured into great people.  But that does not take away the fact that many people are not that lucky and that the presence of a mother and a father are paramount in a lot of young minority children’s success or failure.   I believe that when reports are made like this and these studies are validated by a source of liberalism that does not represent all liberals then this sort of thinking should not be towed as a traditional party line.

Interested to know what you guys think.  :-*