It  was recently reported by several media outlets that current Dallas Cowboys WR, Roy Williams, filed legal action against a former Miss Texas in an attempt to retrieve a 75000 ring that he sent her via postal mail as in a proposition of marriage.  (****As of July 7th, 2011, is reporting that the ring has been returned to Williams****)  Such a story is almost too absurd to in any way be real.  And on so many levels that I really don’t know which aspect of the absurdity caught my attention first.  Let’s see…..  Who the hell mails an engagement ring?  Dude…you’re Roy Williams.  Multi-Millionaire.  I think you can charter a jet and get to where she is to give her a ring and make a proposal on Valentine’s Day.  Who the hell proposes to a woman who you don’t already have an idea of what her answer is going to be?  Look here playa…….Let me learn you something.  You should never surprise a woman with a proposal.  I mean that to say that she should never be totally caught off guard by the idea that you are open to marrying her.  And she should feel the exact same.  The only surprise involved in this process is when, where and how you propose.  The fact that shorty said NO is an indication that this guy did not do his due diligence.  There should have been discussions and an entire vetting process to give a woman the indication that this is the direction that you are moving.  And from that you can accurately gauge how she will respond to the proposition.  If you can’t accurately gauge that then …….She don’t want your ass! 

$75,000!!!  Who the hell you think you marrying?  Chelsea Clinton??!!   Again playa….let me learn you something.  I know you got an insanely big contract, and more money than you can ever totally count.  But 75k?  Really?  This is what it costs to get married?  I know I am just a broke ass blogger in the grand scheme of things compared to Roy Williams.  But to get a woman a 75k rings is stupid for one and it almost smacks of a veiled effort to “buy” this woman.  I think a woman should get a nice ring.  But when you go that far over the top with it, it comes across like you need to sell her on the idea of marrying you. And when you start the bidding at 75k, where the hell do you go from there?  If you start out as a rich dude flaunting your money to a woman then she is gonna feel like it is open season on your cash forever more!  And she feels totally justified because by giving her a 75k ring and a proposal on a note, that comes across as much more of a contract negotiation than a relationship.(FYI….Chelsea is not hot.  That’s just a Chris Tucker reference from Rush Hour in case that went over your heads.) 

They need to add an Integrity category to Miss Texas competition!  I was truly disappointed in a few of my friends who thought that it was OK for this lady to keep the ring.  On what level is it Ok for someone to make an attempt to keep a ring for a proposal that you don’t accept?  Oh..I know!  The “I have no class, integrity or shame and I am just a money chasing stunt who believes in taking advantage of people” level.  Last time I checked, being stupid and using poor judgement was not a justification for someone’s victimization.  It can be an explanation for how it happens, but it certainly does not click the green light for all predatory opportunist to take what they want.  I find it to be an awful commentary on human decency that she would even attempt to run the I lost it in the mail scam as a way to add insult to injury to a man that she turned down.

Roy Williams is going to catch hell in the locker room once the lockout is lifted and the players report to training camp.  The jokes are going to be brutal and he will have to take them for at least the first month until the season gets into full swing and everyone gets more focused on winning.  Fortunately for him the season is on hold so he hasn’t been forced to face the battery of questions from inquisitive reporters that he would normally be forced to talk to at this point in the football season.  The lockout has been great for him.  No daily press conferences after practices.  No team meetings with obnoxious coaches and teammates.  No commentators making snarky jokes about his personal life as a justification for why he is dropping passes.  I would say this lockout has been damn good for Roy!  I just hope for his sake that he can get his back story straight about how this is just some blogger mumbo jumbo and that he really didn’t get played like a sucka by one of the most visible women in the state of Texas.  Good luck with that Roy.