Man!  This is a pretty cool day so far.  My two closest friends from college sent me texts at 12:01 trying to race to see who would be the first to text me happy birthday.  My god children called me this morning on their way to summer camp to yell happy birthday into their dad’s speaker phone.  My mom and dad are in Cambridge, Mass for the week at some seminar at Harvard so the called to say happy birthday and to pencil me in for dinner on Sunday.  The woman who probably knows me best in the world sent me an email at midnight her time to say Happy Birthday.  And of course I have a ton of well wishes on Facebook already……….  And it is only 10 AM!  This is great.  Now in typical fashion, I don’t have shit planned for the day.  It’s a work day people!  I am not trying to hang out in the streets.  Plus I have a basketball game to coach this evening and my guys are looking really tough.  Ready to win that championship!  In addition, the distinguished Brothers of Omega Psi Phi are in town this week for their 100 year celebration.  I will let them have it!  Those dudes are a tad bit too rowdy for me.  So as of right now all I have planned is hanging out during the day on Saturday and taking the night as it comes.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I bought myself a ridiculously big television so I have been mesmerized with that for the past few days.  I also have made plans to have some people come by and test out my famous Gumbo!  Your boy got skills with the gumbo.  Clearly my Louisiana roots shine through.

As for the more pressing matters, I really want to say thank you for the positive feedback that I get from al of you.  I am always glad to hear from you via email and Facebook about your thoughts and I am never too busy to respond to those of you who are seeking a man’s perspective on more personal issues.  Every guy needs a lady who he can get a solid perspective from as it pertains to relationships.  The same holds true for ladies and I am flattered that some of you consider my perspective valid enough to pay attention to.

Also I am in the process of changing the theme of the site so that it can be read more easily.  It has been brought to my attention that not only is it hard to read with the dark background but that the comments box is all blacked out.  I must fix so that no one has to strain their eyes while reading my babble!  I am on it and hopefully it will be adjusted by the weekend. 

Stevie Wonder is one of the best to ever do it and I wanted to share one of his most inspirational songs with you guys and say that I really appreciate the love.