Like most people I really love music. Shamefully I sometimes listen to violent hood music. And sometimes I listen to music that paints images of certain people as less than the beautiful human beings that we all deserve to be seen as. And while I struggle at times to find a sliver of goodness in the music that is produced by the most talented people of the day, I can always go back to my old faithful when I need to hear something that actually has redeeming qualities.

Stevie Wonder has one of the most amazing catalogs of music that anyone could ever lay claim too. Not just because of the countless hits but because the music carries messages that resonate with people on so many levels. Stevie seems to have a song to match just about every significant emotion that I have ever experienced. So in times when my mood or perspective has been taken to a dark and less than pleasant place by the countless lewd, vulgar, violent and disrespectful messages that we soak up like sponges because of a banging baseline, I know that I can always go to Stevie to restore myself to a place of calm with a positive feeling. A feeling of love, happiness and giving. All the things that I desperately want to be the basis for what guides my life. So today I have decided to roll with a little less Mobb Deep and a little more Stevie Wonder!

So know as I hop down from my soap box, take a second to listen to the song and feel some Joy Inside Your Tears. And try not to tear up if you work in a cubicle environment like I do! *sniffle*