I am not an expert.  I don’t proclaim myself to be a Love Doctor.  I run from the idea that as a single man I can tell anyone about how to get married or how to maintain a relationship or how to be ultimately happy with someone……..  But maybe I have misled some of you.  Some of my loyal readers who have been entertained by my whimsical musings or my opinionated rants about men and women.  About how we relate to one another.  Maybe as I have shared with you some of my personal anecdotes I have made you feel like I know it all.  But I want to say for the record……I don’t know s*%#!  I am not Doctor Phil, Steve Harvey, Pattie from the Millionaire Match Maker or even Paul Carrick Brunson from Oprah’s #LoveTownUSA! (google it)

What I do know is this.  That I have had some experiences.  And I share them through this blog.  Some things you guys will agree with and pull some general insight from.  Other things, you won’t relate to at all.  But it is my hope that when I say things that it serves a way to illuminate another perspective to you and not used as some sort fo golden rule that applies to all scenarios.  Because ultimately there are no absolutes in relationships.  There are very few in life.  And when I say that I feel there are things that I cannot put up with in my life, doesn’t mean that it is something that people do not overcome everyday in their own life.

I want to be fair.  That’s all.  In life.  In my relationships.  In the way that I view the world.  I want to be fair.  So when I write about situations I try to keep that tone.  I hope that some of you have noticed as much.  More importantly, I hope that when I am not fair, that you call me out on it.  Because while I think that in some strange way I may have helped a few people who have read my blog and have been in similar situations, I really am looking to get some help myself.  I want to be better in the things that I set in front of me as model behavior.  And when you all respond to my posts and object with my thoughts and perspectives, I grow.  And that my friends, is all that I can hope for.

So I hope you all can bear with me through the posts that you don’t like and the ones that you do.  From time to time I get emails from people who are really just looking to bounce ideas off of someone with a newer perspective, and I will always be available for that.  But just remember that when you ask me questions about some of your relationship scenarios that, I am going to answer you in the capacity that I know best.  As an honest friend.  Because of course……I AM NOT an EXPERT….