You guys know I generally do not promote any sort of degrading music that calls women bad names or depicts the most violent and trifling imagery of my fellas.  Which for the most part crosses out just about all rap music off of my play list.  As a matter of fact I have been bumping Stevie Wonder and New Edition in my car for the past month.  And truthfully hearing that sort of stuff has improved my mood and just put me in good spirits.  I mean last week I walked into my quiet office singing “If it Isn’t Love” like I was front row at a concert.  I am sure my government lead thought  I was on something. 

But like my girl Michelle from Atlanta likes to say, Nothing like a little ignorant hood music to get the juices flowing!  Every time I hear this song I envision myself walking out of my house looking like knew money with old money polish.  (I don’t say swag)  Slow motion video action in full display.  Shades so black and gold that you can’t help but know that I am ’06!  MAN!!!  haha.  I have one hell of an imagination.