As usual, I am always amazed at the thoughtful melodies that I frequently rediscover from Stevie Wonder’s catalog.  He captures so much with his words and his voice embeds the messages in your mind in a way that you cannot forget.  Listening to him sing sort of reinforces why I think it’s important that I talk to my grandmother and just older folks in general so often.  As I get older and more self-absorbed with my own thoughts, mind and farcical notion that I am somehow smarter than I am, my elders will tell me things that let me know that I am doing nothing new.  Just stumbling my way through situations and scenarios that they have already had some level of experience with. 

This clip below is the second half of a beautiful song titled “SuperWoman”.  It reflects a lot of the feelings and sentiments that I hear a lot of my friends speak about.  Not to mention the things that I have been through myself.  Stevie is a genius.  Hands down.  In the rarest of company with people like Michael Jackson, Paul Robeson, Miles Davis and the like.  People who write, compose and sing songs that evoke emotions and thoughts and a consciousness that we all have but could not truly articulate.  Check it out.