Sort of reminds me of a movie I saw once about this guy who just couldn’t pull away from the part of himself that kept holding him back.  His Life, His associations, His Love, His Pains…  And he could never let go of so much stuff that was always weighing him down.  I can’t even remember the name of the movie.  Mainly because I saw it when I was like 8 years old.  I didn’t fully understand it but I was drawn to watch it for some reason.  I always draw comparisons to my life and movie characters.  The things in characters that I see in myself or the scenarios that reflect how I live or want to live.  And that movie and this song for some reason just speak to me.  And the updated Version by Big KRIT almost brought me to some silent tears when I first heard it.  Strangest thing.  I am not even sure what it means or why I am even writing all this just to post a video…..  I hope you like it.

This is the remade version by one of my favorite rappers. This was the song that made me put on some shades on the way home one rainy day.