All of my friends know a few things about me. I try to be as fair as I can with people. I talk to my grandmother every 36-48 hours. I never want to be fat. And I hate the N-word and the promotion of it as a representation of my blackness.

Gweneth Paltrow recently kicked up a storm all over the net buy quoting a song title from a popular Jay-Z/Kanye West song with a twitpic attached. In essence commenting that she is with some “Real N*&%#s in Paris“. Now I like Gweneth. I always have. She seems really down to Earth and just a decent person. Never really thought of her as some sort of transcendent talent but I really like a few of her projects. The Iron Man movies. Royal Tenebaums is a classic movie to me. And she really showed some talent in Glee!  And I cannot forget about the Talented MR. Ripley…..  Well actualy Matt Damon is the only reason I like that movie.  Nonetheless I gotta throw a flag on the play. And when I throw the flag I have to throw it on her “Niggas” as well. Somewhere a long the line people like Jay/Kanye found it easier to try to change acceptable standards of dignity for black people, rather than explain to their new more culturally diverse friends the fine line of complexities that go along with that word. And sadly I cannot say if it is money or a desire to be accepted by others outside of their cultural upbringing that makes them gloss over the dignity of millions. So I really blame people like Jay and Kanye for situations like this on some level. But what really hurts the most is that now people like Alec Baldwin and Gweneth Paltrow are not just accepting the criticism and apologizing for the unfortunate slip up, but they are defiantly challenging my right to be offended by it. Marginalizing what I find offensive and telling me that I should be concerned about other things. Essentially not only calling me a Nigga but treating me like one as well.

Check out this link to a Yahoo Article that explains in more detail.