Who knew that Twerking was so righteous, dignified and important to the respect of mothers and women all over the world……  Not me!  I thought it was just something that little misguided high school girls did when they got a webcam, taking a break from their arduous studies in self-affirming women’s studies.  But I must say that after watching this lady get it poppin I am so sure that Angela Davis, Susan B. Anthony and Oprah are all beaming with happiness!

Haha….  Man I can’t even do this.  I am laughing to hard as I write this to let my true sarcasm come out at it’s best.  This guy who I found on YouTube Does these hilarious videos that he refers to as Employee Evaluations.  ANd the first couple that i saw were pretty funny.  But then I got to this video and I was so floored that I had to share.  Get a good laugh to start your day!