I am unashamedly an Omarion appreciator.   Don’t laugh.  I have never been into B2K or anything but as a solo artist he has had some really tough songs that I have run through my care stereo on repeat for a couple of weeks at a time.  And this time is no different.  Omarion, who has made the full transition to “Maybach O”  as he joins Ricky_Rozay’s MMG, hit the nail on the head with this song as he captures a real sentiment that a lot of people embody at one time or another.  That numbing period where people would rather be dismissive of the people in their face as they pine away over lost loves. 

In addition Wale’ drops a decent verse to add a little edge to the production.  Wale is the anti-Drake in a lot of ways.  He talks pretty openly about emotions and feelings but he does it in a way that resonates a little bit more with guys because he does not give the impression that he is in a studio with a box full of tissues as he pours out his heart in a way that makes him appear more vulnerable than what is typical for most men. 

Hope you like it! Sorry I couldn’t find a clean version.