Meet Me!

Hello Everyone!

I’m Jackson Bracey and welcome to  My own little personal space in this world where I get to share with readers the things that fuel the fire of a passionate, professional and personable DC bachelor.

I am actually a government consultant by trade and free-lance writer by passion.   I have  contributed to various web-publications under creative pseudonyms but I figured it was time for me to take my own space on the web and drop the funny names.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and an appreciation for the art of writing as a way to convey points and sentiments to people in a tone and fashion that makes them open to hearing the ideas that we sometimes do not hear in face to face exchanges for whatever reason.  (Usually I am too stubborn)  I have long been an admirer of many genres of art (literature, museums, music etc..) but like most men of my generation I am greatly connected to the styles and trends that were most prevalent during my 80’s childhood.  Popular movies and TV sitcoms are a few of my favorite simple pleasures. 

As a former educator my sense of creative expression has in many ways been fueled by the very students that I have tried to inspire.  In spending days trying to tell students that they can be the next Toni Morrison or William Shakespeare I found myself intrigued by my own advice.  My desire to write and have my voice heard on social and cultural issues has taken me through many phases of personal growth.  I attribute my strong sense compassion to this personal growth.  So much so that I have tried to be a strong advocate for children’s and women’s charities and often mentor young men with the hopes of grooming them into young gentleman the way my father groomed me.  I speak and write often about the profound affect that my parents have had on my life and development as a person.  Most specifically my dad’s temperament and how it shapes my positive and controlled approach to day to day life as well as the level of respectability that my mother presents and how that has molded my image of women as more than just the fairer sex.

While writing, compassion for my fellow man and family are of great importance to me it is my hope that my writing will allow me to make a mark on this world one way or another.  To simply inspire people in any way will bring me the happiness that I hope to steer other people towards.  I think my writings on relationships, single life and happiness are pretty witty and insightful, if I do say so myself!   And sure to spark conversation amongst friends and hopefully understanding amongst people.

Well that’s enough of me tooting my own horn!  (Note to self—work on humility!)  I hope you like the site and be sure to check me out and spread the word if you like it!

“Be the Change You Want to see in the World.”—-Mahatma Ghandi

Jackson Bracey

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14 thoughts on “Meet Me!”

  1. Marika McHenry said:

    Love love love, reading your postings!!! Keep it up.

  2. Confessions of a Cannon said:

    This is great, good job.

  3. Great blog. I am also a DC blogger and hope you will check out mine sometime. I write about life as a chef in DC.


  4. I just came across you…random. I love the way you write…think…write!
    I posted one of your post to my facebook page. You truly need an audience. I love well written, wisdom infused posts. I shall come back. I am a FAN!

  5. I Love This PAge.. & I jus started reading 🙂

  6. Love your blog…. if you need a females perspective on anything, give me a holla…. id love for you to read my blogs and give me your honest opinion.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Love reading the male’s perspective… great insight and humorous reading. Thanks!

  8. Hi Jackson.

    I was in a bad place and your passion for writing coupled with your careful consideration of others and their overall well being helped a great deal. Thanks so much for sharing your insight. I forsee it fueling my transistion into a “better” self image and outlook on relationships overall.

    *Cole (a passionate educator striving to find a healthy balance…)

  9. Anonymous said:

    I enjoyed reading your article,
    Thanks! It was some positive
    reinforcement to a current situation
    Im in . Yes ,a kiss and then some
    does not a relationship make. I’ve know my guy for seven years as friends
    though I had always felt there might be something more. Even in this situation
    there can be stand off time . I am confidently cool though . Thanks ! 🙂 Aly.

  10. Lucinda Lucee Brunson said:

    Hello Jackson Bracey
    Where were you last week? I have just recently ran into the Barbershop Conversation. So the story goes, I am 48 years old. I would like to think attractive, never married and no kids.
    I recently met s guy 2 months on my school campus. We hit it off started dating. Because he lived atleast 1 hour away, I allowed him to stay over weeks after weeks without the sex.
    Well I recently gave in. He never was a person that called nor texted daily. He said, because since relocating to the states that he is getting used to talking again…
    He seem mean now and he did admit to having other women as hang out friends.
    Well I canceled out date for this week and just watching his next move.

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Janet Laverne Norris said:

    Hi Jackson,

    I enjoyed your profile! I came to your site via the Barbershop Conversations on Utube. You guys give great perspectives, and I don’t think it was any coincidence that I picked my DC homie! lol.

    As a writer myself, and always open to good topics and insight, I look forward to checking out your blog.


  12. Hi Jackson,
    I enjoyed reading your topics & listening to your YouTube videos. The discussions are informative, as well as entertaining. Great job!

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